Jewish Involvement in Institutions

Dennis Prager: Founder of PragerU

Charlie Kirk: Founder of Turning Point USA

Rebecca Hains: Article Writer at Washington Post

“Dear fellow white people: Here’s what to do when you’re called racist.”

Max Boot: Article writer at Washington Post, both parents are Russian Jews

“Get a grip, white people. We’re not the victims.”

Howard David Fineman: Article writer at Huffington Post

“A Divided Country Is Exactly What Trump Wants”

Doyin Richards: Article writer at Huffington Post

“Can Black People Be Racist?”

Michelle Goldberg: Article writer at New York Times

“We Can Replace Them”


George Soros: Investor

“Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants”

Leon Trotsky: Soviet politician, Marxist theorist, Russian revolutionary

Vladimir Lenin: Russian revolutionary, political theorist; child of Jewish father converted to Christianity, half-Jewish mother

Jonathan Kahn: Article writer at Together London

“How can a white man lead a retreat about racism?”

CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe: Governmental organisation based in Brussels

David Roberts: Article writer at Vox

“American white people really hate being called “white people””

Sally Kohn: Article writer at Daily Beast

“Eight Things Every White Person Should Know About White Privilege”

Benjamin Herman: Attempting to become published author

“Yes, definitely. Sometimes my fellow white people really embarass me with their racism and their complete unwillingness to acknowledge white privilege.”


Timothy Snyder: Professor of History at Yale University, article writer at The Guardian

“Hitler’s world may not be so far away”

Giles Fraser: Article writer at The Guardian

“Christians must understand that for Jews the cross is a symbol of oppression”

Karl Marx: German philosopher, socialist revolutionary, creator of communism

Rupert Murdoch: Founder of News Corp Fox

Stanley Gold: Ex President of Shamrock ABC Disney, Chairman

Sumner Redstone: Shareholder CBS, Viacom, Paramount

Brian L Roberts: Chief Executive Officer of Comcast, NBC, MSNBC

David L. Cohen: Vice president Comcast, NBC, MSNBC

Jean-Bernard Levy: CEO Vivendi/NBC, EDF

Les Moonves: Ex Chairman and CEO of CBS

Rich Ross: Ex chair Disney

Edgar Bronfman Jr.: Ex CEO Warner Music Group

Haim Saban: Investor Saban Capital

Arnon Milchan: Founder of Regency Enterprises (Eighth wealthiest Israeli by net worth)

Roger Ailes: Ex CEO and Chairman Fox News

Peter Chernin: Former president News Corp Fox, founder Chernin Group

Robert Iger: Chairman and Chief Executive of Disney

Jeffrey Bewkes: Former CEO of Time Warner

Jeff Zucker: Former president and CEO of NBC

Barry Meyer: Former Chairman of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Michael Lynton: Former Chairman of Sony Pictures, current Chairman of Snap

Orit Gadiesh: Chairperson, Bain & Co.

Mel Karmazin: Former CEO of CBS, Sirius Radio

Laurence Tisch: Former CEO of CBS

James Tisch: CEO of Loews Corporation

Joan Tisch: Philanthropist, CBS ownership

Jonathan Tisch: Co-owner, New York Giants

Laurie Tisch: Chairwoman, Center for Arts Education

Henry Strakosch: Adviser to the government in the drafting of the South African Currency and Banking Act of 1920; “From 1925 on, India retained him for similar purposes. He was knighted in 1921, and became K.B.E. in 1924, G.B.E. in 1927” ~; John F. Riddick, Who Was Who in British India, Greenwood, Westport, Connecticut, 1998

Lavrentiy Beria: Chairman of KGB from 5th March 1953 to 26th June 1953