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Liberals are right, facts don’t matter

|•| Liberals are right, facts don’t matter |•|


The title says it all. A neo-liberal ignores basic facts and uses emotions to mould his political views. A typical college campus neo-liberal in the United States of America is fragile with facts and does not hold the integrity to beat Ben Shapiro with facts and statistics. A lot of them take the extreme measure of admitting that to them, facts do not matter, but emotional appeasement — which the Democrat Party does just right. Neo-conservatives are slow to catch up with the social justice championing trend, and hence have trouble gaining the mob-like voter base the neo-liberal party does it, but this is a subject I’ll leave for another day. The point is that the statement,”Facts don’t matter.” is something I can get behind really quick.

But in a different context.

The political situation in the United States of America involve using facts and statistics to show the opposition that they are evil and worse compared to themselves; it’s a bunch of “I can do it better.” ego measurement competition that simply proves that the establishment within the Democrat Party and the Republican Party serves the same goal.

So far, facts and statistics have been favouring the Republican administration under the 45th. GDP growth rate is marginally better than the 8 years under Obama administration, black unemployment is down, breaking records of decades, Hispanic employment is seeing similar successes. A lot of cases of the popular mass shootings and school shootings have shown blame-game inclinations towards the Democrat Party and the neo-liberals: sometimes the shooter was stopped by another guy with a gun, sometimes it was done in a “gun-free” zone, sometimes it was done in a city with strict gun control laws. Only few times, like the Christchurch shooting and the pipe bombs sent to Democrat Party have been affiliated with Republican Party supporters.

The problem lies here. No one remembers the Texas Church shooting where the shooter was given a dishonourable discharge from the air force who was stopped by another guy with a gun. No one remembers the kid who just smiled at the Native American Vietnam-era reserve personnel who wanted attention by victimising himself and was later found out to be just an innocent harmless kid who was defamed by the internet due to this MAGA hat. No one remembers the Hispanic criminal who admitted in court that he would be glad to kill more police servicemen. No one remembers how manufacturing statistics went up a 14 year high last year. No one remembers the 3.9% black unemployment which broke records of several past decades in 2018.

Facts and statistics are temporal. It’s a news of today and a forgotten archive under a news channel headquarters tomorrow. This displays the fragile state of the neo-conservative movement that has been given every chance to make a difference since 2017 with all the approval rates going up, all the funds coming into the American planning. Yet, they wanted to sit down like nutjobs with their lack of spines and pretended to hate radical changes. The largest (joke of a) “right wing” in the United States hates the reaction at this point of time. Majority of the factors that would lead to a Trump victory in 2020 are depended on idiots like Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, and unemployed YouTube chair-speakers who are all show and no go.

There is no philosophy, there is no definite goal, there are no policies — that could define the MAGAtarian supporters. Facts are temporal and will get the American right wing nowhere. The actual right wing are a small minority: the classical conservatives, the national federalists, the third positionists, the paleolibertarians, the national capitalists, the reactionaries. Boomers, millennials, and now Generation Z are affected by the two-party system of the United States and are forced to think only within the boundaries of the neo-liberal versus neo-conservative charade every election with no way to break it down into true democratic politics.

The real solution to achieve a true change is to uphold principles with such conviction that no “facts” can make you think twice about those principles. At this point, a libertarian socialist who knows what he stands for, and will not be affected by the economic and cultural climate of his country, has more integrity than a MAGAtarian who will easily shift his views given a “fact” that Breitbart or Daily Wire tells him about the economy, or some mass shooting in his local area.