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What this ex-blog means for me and everyone else

This used to be my blog, my personal blog. I used to be a very young kid when this website was created. I used to do all the cringeposting solely because it was my website.

This changes today. I deleted everything that was on this blog – every post, every category – because it shall now evolve. It will now turn into a foster home for all conservative articles. Alex Jones was targeted, then Milo Yiannopolis, Paul Joseph Watson were attacked. InfoWars was attacked by DDoS, PJW had to shift to Summit. Recently, Steven Crowder was demonetised. Thousands of German history channels were demonetised just because “evil swastika reeeee” might somehow influence the children.

Critics, and champions of muh private property and capitalism like to often say,”If you don’t like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, then make your own website.” They are not being reasonable. If they really think anti-elitist conservative individual channel or organisation is safe elsewhere, then InfoWars wouldn’t have faced DDoS attacks, and Alex Jones wouldn’t have been banned by F.A.G.S (Facebook, Apple, Google, Spotify).

Normal conservative websites don’t have financial backing. But this should be it. We don’t need to be super famous, we don’t need to have an exponential growth, we don’t need Google to not censor us or push our articles down the search results. We just want to exist. This website can easily turn into a destination for finding statistics with sources without having to search on Google for countless hours. This website is inspired by the rightwingism page on Instagram.

This website will not, however, silence leftist comments as long as they are rational, or even ban leftist accounts just because of their ideology. I’ve met pretty nice Stalinists, libertarian socialists, etc. Moreover there are reasonable arguments that propose leftist economics or leftist policies, such as nationalised industries, large welfare state (through progressive taxation), and social democracy. Hateful comments beyond rationality, threatening each other like “u fashiz ima punch u nazi huehue reeeee” will not be tolerated. No one needs to hear that someone is so hellbent at harming their families or even themselves.

Glory to the global right wing movement